New Release: Ryesap Cider- Basque-style cider aged in Rye Whisky Barrels

Copper Fox Rye Barrel

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Take one of our favorite apples, the Old Virginia Winesap. An important fact about this apple is that depending on where you get it, its flavor and character may differ dramatically. This is true because there are several different varieties of apples that are commonly referred to simply as “Winesap”. Even apples specifically designated, “Old Fashioned Winesap”, or in Virginia “Old Virginia Winesap” may vary dramatically from grower to grower and season to … Continued

9.5% ABV

Patiently aged in oak barrels sourced from a local apple brandy distillery, every batch of this handcrafted cider develops unique character and complexity. Traditional barrel-aging techniques produce a full-bodied cider with intense aromas of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. Bright fruit flavors (crisp apple, pear, brandied cherries) give way to butterscotch and toffee with complex tannins in the finish.

May 23rd - May 24th from 12:00 - 4:30

Please join us at Greenwood Gourmet Grocery for our 2015 Pop-Up Tasting Room!  Try limited edition ciders, including our newly released Ryesap Cider,  taste our whole lineup, enjoy cider by the glass, or buy tee-shirts, growlers, cider to-go and more!