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Virginia Apples. Truly Dry Cider.

All of our ciders start with local fruit harvested at peak flavor from nearby orchards and family farms. We press heirloom and traditional cider apples, such as Albemarle Pippin and Virginia Winesap, as well as modern cider apples like the Gold Rush to create a cider that would make our forebearers proud. After the apples are pressed, we carefully ferment the fresh juice at cold temperatures, allowing each apple variety the opportunity to fully showcase its unique flavor and aroma. Our process is respectful of a long Virginia tradition—but we're not afraid to push boundaries to make ciders that stand out.

All of our 


Farmhouse Dry

Farmhouse Dry - 8.4%ABV

Pale gold and effervescent with pronounced fruit aroma hinting of peach and melon. Bright acidity with aromatic intensity from Gold Rush, Albemarle Pippin, and Old Virginia Winesap apples.

Grapefruit Hibiscus

Grapefruit Hibiscus - 8.4%ABV

Virginia Apples provide notes of tropical fruits that are complemented by the addition of grapefruit peel. Infusing the cider with hibiscus provides a subtle floral aroma and a beautiful pink hue.

Cranberry Orange Blossom

Cranberry Orange Blossom - 5.5%ABV

Cranberry Orange Blossom is made from Jonagold apples fermented on cranberries and orange blossoms. Cranberries add bright acidity and a tannic quality that is complemented by the citrus notes from the orange blossoms. The finish is crisp and tart with no residual sugar (0g).

Watermelon Saison

Watermelon Saison - 6.9%ABV

A blend of fresh pressed, whole watermelons and Virginia apples, fermented with a fruit forward Belgian saison yeast.

Passionfruit Mosaic

Passionfruit Mosaic - 6.9%ABV

This cider is fermented with passion fruit and dry hopped with Mosaic hops. The tropical aroma of the passion fruit is complemented and intensified by Mosaic hops which lend notes of citrus, mango, blueberry and --of course-- passion fruit. The finish is crisp and tart, makes this the ideal summertime cider.

Strawberry Ginger

Strawberry Ginger - 6.9%ABV

The flavor and aroma from ripe strawberries balances the tart acidity of an aromatic blend of Virginia apples with the lively spice of fresh ginger. It is bright, fruit forward and flavorful with zero grams of residual sugar.

Pelure De Pomme

pelure de pomme - 9%ABV

Our goal was to produce a cider in the style of a red wine.  Most ciders, like most white wines, have minimal skin contact. We fermented this cider on the apple skins.  We then soaked the cider on the skins for an extended time to increase extraction of body and tannin. The resulting cider is beautiful--a pronounced expression of the earthy Winesap and the fruity Albemarle Pippins with structured body and a long finish.

Cider Nouveau

Cider Nouveau - 9%ABV

A rose-style cider fermented on Petit Verdot and Merlot grape skins from King Family Vineyards, aged in French oak barrels, and blended with barrel-fermented Hewe’s Crab. This cider/wine hybrid combines our favorites aspects of cidermaking and winemaking into a truly unique beverage. The grapes bring beautiful color, complex tannins and a light fruitiness to the dry, crisp cider. The oak aging allows the separate components to meld together harmoniously, allowing the different elements to perfectly compliment one another.

The Haven

The Haven - 12%ABV

A belgian Trappist style cider, fermented on dark candi syrup, figs and coriander with a Belgian yeast. The color and aroma are reminiscent of a Belgian quad or dubbel, but the finish is dry and slightly tart. Made to raise money and awareness for The Haven, a day shelter for the homeless in Charlottesville.

Hewes Crab

Hewes Crab - 9.5%ABV

The Hewes Crab Apple is the rare apple that has the tannins, acid, and aromatic intensity to stand on its own as a fully integrated, single varietal cider. Our first Hewes Crab Cider is deep gold in color. Bright tropical fruit aroma is buoyed by refreshing acidity as the cider covers the palate. A portion of the blend was fermented in French oak barrels, adding body to the naturally tannic apples. An incredibly rich, lush, and well-balanced cider that is full-bodied, elegant, and delicious.

Respberries and Brett

Raspberries & Brett - 9%ABV

Fermented with 100% Gold Rush apples, raspberries, and Brettanomyces, this lambic-style cider is aged in Laird’s Apple Brandy barrels and then bottle conditioned.

Hewes Crab

Concord & Brett - 9%ABV

Our newest wild yeast cider was re-fermented in oak barrels on Concord grapes from Wenger Grape Farm in Waynesboro, VA. The grape skins, in combination with the oak, give this cider a beautiful pink color and add a layer of tannin to give it an exceptional body. Expect a tart, sour cider reminiscent of lambic-style Belgian beers.