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Virginia Apples. Truly Dry Cider.


Cocktail Recipes


plays well with others

While our ciders certainly stand alone, they're a great addition to pretty much any mixed drink you can think of. Pair us with some of our liquid buddies and elevate your drinking experience with these Potter's cider cocktail recipes. 

Pomegranate Sunrise
February 24, 2021
Pomegranate molasses, sweet vermouth, and ginger kombucha make for a Farmhouse cocktail like no other.

Bourbon Pumpkin Cider
October 30, 2019
Get your Halloween spirit flowing with this gourd-geous bourbon-pumpkin-cider mix.

Brandy & Brett
October 30, 2019
Fruity, funky, delicious.

Cider & Rye
Beware, she's a strong one.
Whiskey & Orange
October 30, 2019
A drink fit for the finest of fall weather.

Cider Tom Collins
Stave off the heat with this lemony Tom Collins recipe.
Grapefruit Hibiscus Sidecar
Let's get fancy with a Grapefruit Hibiscus, Cognac, and citrus combo.
The Big Squeeze
Squeeze the rest of your summer into this citrus-filled cocktail.

Guava Galaxy Mai Tai Spritz
Channel your tropic thoughts and keep the Guava Galaxy flowing with this Mai Tai-inspired cocktail.

Cranberry Orange Moscow Mule
Spice it up with this cider-centric Moscow Mule.

Cider Sangria
Crisp, refreshing, and even fruitier than just cider.
Sanguine Cider
Sanguine Ciders are the best thing you've never had!


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