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Virginia Apples. Truly Dry Cider.


our cider


Uncomplicated Approach.
Uncompromising Quality.

Our approach to making cider is straightforward: 

The “craft” in our name is not an alliterative throwaway: serious art and science go into every ounce of our cider. Whether making cider or growing our business, quality is our North Star. We stick to our standards of excellence by following three core beliefs:


You can’t make good cider without good apples. Our process starts with locally grown cider apples from orchards and farms around the Shenandoah Valley. We know exactly where our fruit comes from and which varietals will yield the best flavors, aromas, and tannins in our Virginia climate. 

Beyond just apples, we find inspiration through local collaboration. We’ll always partner with neighboring wineries, breweries, distilleries, and farms to expand and enhance our cidermaking possibilities.


We love to play, both in and out of the cellar. Our original Farmhouse Dry recipe has been carefully crafted over years  of tasting and tweaking. We're constantly renewing our commitment to this process of controlled experimentation as we develop new techniques, try different yeasts, or incorporate seasonal flavors. Nothing excites us more than venturing down the path of cider’s potential. 


We began as a small operation, in a city that feels like a small town, and we follow a business philosophy that plants deep roots in order to blossom. From building relationships with local retailers to supporting nonprofits and events, we’ve put real faces to our name. We seek to build welcoming environments for all people and to create a third space, apart from home or work, to foster creativity in individual and communal life.


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