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Virginia Apples. Truly Dry Cider.
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will potter's have music in the winter?

Most shows will be played indoors until early spring. Check our event and food truck schedule for ticket details and upcoming shows. 

Do I need to buy a reservation to come listen to music?

Unless specified as a ticketed show, you do not have to purchase a reservation to come out and enjoy the tasting room. Tables closest to the stage are available to reserve - all other areas are first-come-first serve! Lower lawn admission is also free. No reservations required. Bring your blankets and lawn chairs! 

I accidentally bought a reservation for the wrong day, what can I do?

Contact us and we'll do our best to get you a spot on the correct day!  

How early can I be seated at my reserved spot?

Reservation start times are listed on your ticket. If you would like to come hang out earlier in the afternoon you are more than welcome! If tables are full, you can hang out on the Lower Lawn until we begin seating reservations.

If I can’t get to Potter’s when my reservation starts, will you give my spot away?

We do not give reserved spots away until one hour after the start of the reservation.  

What happens if the music is cancelled due to inclement weather? How will I know?

We will send an email to all ticket holders by 2PM on the day of the show. If music is cancelled, all ticket holders will recieve a full refund. We will also post updates to out Facebook and Instagram pages!

Can my friend’s reserved spot be next to mine?

Reserving adjacent spots is permitted if they are available online. We recommend contacting us for group reservations over 12 guests. 

Can I bring a pop-up tent?


Can I bring outside food?

Absolutely! We do have food trucks at many our events, and offer in-house charcuterie and snack options. 

Can I bring my own beer/WINE?

No outside alcohol is permitted on premise.

Can I bring my dog?

Please do, we love dogs! They must be on a leash, and can’t go into the tasting room; but, we would absolutely love to meet your pup on the patio!


More questions? Contact us here!