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Virginia Apples. Truly Dry Cider.

Out-OF-STATE Cider Club!

Not in vIRGINIA? not a problem. 

Get exclusive ciders shipped to you every quarter, plus club-only discounts that make it easy to give and get Potter's!

Our out-of-state Cider Club is a quarterly subscription that gives you access to the best of Potter’s Craft Cider. Every 3 months, we recommend multiple ciders to include in your club shipment. You can swap any items or add to your club order - all ciders purchased with your quarterly club order are 10% off! 

- 10% off quarterly cider club shipments
- $20 OFF SHIPPING when you spend over $100 on any purchase
- No packaging fees and $5 off shipping on small orders

The minimum quarterly purchase is $50 + tax and shipping. You will be notified via email of upcoming billing dates and deadlines for club order changes. Billing and shipping occurs in February, May, August, and November.

Contact our Club Manager at with any other questions! 



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